Friday, July 19, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Becoming a Songwriter

Actually, several things have happened. Ffor one thing, I believe I've lost the bitterness reflected in my previous posts on this blog. These days, I'm just plain grateful. For another thing,I was given a complimentary membership in NSAI, and I continue to be a member, studying the craft of songwriting. As you can imagine, this felt like a great vote of confidence. What's more, I've co-written a song with a professional songwriter, and we're in the process of making a demo. Who knows? Maybe I'm supposed to be a songwriter, after all. Doors keep opening. I just won an electric Peavey guitar from a pre-eminent store, Nashville Used Music. Other things have happened, too, including the release by ArcheBooks Publishing of my second novel, A Wild Dream of Love. A Wild Dream of Love is the sequel to my first published novel, A Chance to Say Yes. A Wild Dream of Love is now available from your favorite booksellers, including To order your copy, visit or or any other bookseller of your choice. The ISBN for A Wild Dream of Love is 978159072351. If you prefer to use an e-reader, you will find both books on Kindle. It's a good idea to read A Chance to Say Yes before reading A Wild Dream of Love, but it's not necessary. A Wild Dream of Love is more about music, so if you're reading this blog, you'll probably prefer A Wild Dream of Love to A Chance to Say Yes, anyway. Then, again, who knows? Thanks very much for you interest in my writing.I hope you enjoy A Chance to Say Yes and the sequel, A Wild Dream of Love. My best to you, Tina Murray