Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Start at the Beginning

So, you're how old? And you want to do what? You've got to be kidding!

That is what I expect to hear from some--okay, lots of--folks when I tell them about my new ambition: to become a songwriter. Actually, it's not a new ambition. It's an old ambition resurfacing in my life. Technically speaking, I am too old to pursue a career as a songwriter. However, I am not too old to do it anyway! In my teens and early 20's I wanted to write songs. I dabbled. I was a dilletante. I had so much to learn about life that it wasn't even funny (it's still not funny).

But I did learn one thing along the way. I learned how to pursue and achieve a goal through practice, trial-and-error, and perseverance. I now have college degrees. I have a published novel, A Chance to Say Yes, and I'm writing the second book, A Wild Dream of Love, in my celebrity romance trilogy (which is actually social commentary, but don't tell anyone). Yeah, so I've learned how to set goals and reach them, something I did not know how to do in youth.

I'm going to be sharing my experiences in my "Back-to-the Future" pursuit of an adolescent dream. I would be quite interested to hear from those of you who have gone back and resurrected a dream from your youth and pursued it--for good or ill.

Everyone has heard the urban myths on the subject. Sometimes it works out well for the courageous post-youth dreamer. Colonel Sanders started his business after retirement age with an old family recipe. Ex-Presdent Bush went sky-diving after leaving office. Sometimes it doesn't work out. Zelda Fitgerald took ballet lessons as an adult. Of course, it may have been worth it to her, for reasons of her own. She may have enjoyed it, even though things ended badly for her. I need to do more research before commenting on her situation.

That's all I want to do. I want to enjoy the pursuit of the dream. I'm not out for glory. I just want to share some songs and participate in the scene. Basically, I figure it can work out or not, It can go either way, but it can't go any way unless I have to courage to find out. If my goal is enjoyment, what the big deal?

I have a lot to learn, so this will be a true adventure. More to come...


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